Lumber Guard

FX LumberGuard prevents treated materials from sustaining combustion by penetrating the material and becoming part of its molecular structure, a protective barrier is created to protect the treated material from igniting. Once the treated material is subjected to an extreme heat source (flames, sparks or embers) the protective intumescent barrier is activated, the intumescent barrier prevents combustion of the treated material. FRCT's fire retardant coatings meets the standards of ASTM, NFPA, ULC, UL and UBC and was tested by independent nationally-recognized accredited third party labs in the United States.

FX Lumber Guard's characteristics: transparent, odor free, non toxic, non corrosive, non halogenated, stainable, paintable, environment safe, Chlorine free, Non PBDE’s and Non Bromated Products. Being water based the fire retardency of the treated wood, lumber or plywood will last indefinitely if protected from wet locations and high humidity.

Product Documentation Downloads

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