FIRE RETARDANT COATINGS & FLAME RETARDANT SPRAYS are our specialty, our fire retardant coatings and sprays meet fire safety codes & standards set by the IBC, IFC, IRC, UBC, NFPA and ASTM regulations. Saving lives with our products is just one of our major priorities, customer service and satisfaction are also major priorities to our business.

Videos are the best way to see how something works, we want to show you up close how FRCT's Fire Retardant Coatings & Flame Retardant Spray work, the application process and how effective our flame retardant spray & fire retardant coatings are. Other videos on the web show you from a distance not close up, we take pride in our life saving and property saving fire retardant coatings & flame retardant sprays. Watch our videos and you'll see why our customers recommend us and why our products are the most searched for and dependable products on the market today.