Fire Prevention

Posted by David Paulo on Feb 14th 2012

Fire prevention education can take the form of videos, pamphlets, and banners. Often, the messages and lessons are simple tips. Effective and important lessons and messages include:If your clothing ca … read more

Glulam's & OSB

Posted by David Paulo on Dec 5th 2011

Did you know that you can treat Glulam's and OSB with our FX Lumber Guard Fire Retardant coating? It is a spray on application that is odorless, colorless and most importantly, it is non toxic. F … read more

Fire Protection

Posted by David Paulo on Nov 19th 2011

Have you ever had a FIRE around your home ?Do you watch the NEWS? How many times do hear on the news or see a report of a house fire, apartment fire or business fire? Did you know that there are produ … read more