Fire Protection

Posted by David Paulo on Nov 18th 2011

Have you ever had a FIRE around your home ?

Do you watch the NEWS? How many times do hear on the news or see a report of a house fire, apartment fire or business fire? Did you know that there are products available on the market to protect against fires at home? Fire Retardant of Texas®, LLC manufactures spray on coatings used for: Storage Building's, Home Workshops and General Storage Sheds, Work Trailers, Horse Trailers, Camping Trailers, you can purchase the coatings for around $50 to $75 per gallon, which is alot less then replacing everything.

There are coatings for Fabric's, such as cotton, denim and canvas, there's coatings for dry grass such as around smokers, grill's, fire pit's, turkey fryer's, camp stoves & camp fire pits. Most all of these coatings are very simple to apply, you don't need high pressure system sprayers, no special equipment, no special skills, just a little time and a yard sprayer you can buy from your local hardware store or garden center.

Inside your home you can protect yourself and family from fires by thinking about one very important thing: WILL THIS BURN? If it will, then protect yourself and family. Candles, fire places, space heaters, cigarettes and unattended items on the stove are some of the causes of home fires every year.

Do you have candles sitting on shelves? Try setting them on a glass plate or a wooden plate treated with our FX Lumber Guard. Do you have a fire place mantel or shelving around your fire place? Treat them with our FX Lumber Guard. Do you have cotton blend rugs around your fireplace or space heater? Treat them with our FX Fabric Guard.

There are never ending uses for our Fire Retardant coatings around your house, so protect yourself, family, your home and your pets from fire this year. One way you can do this is to buy our brand of fire retardant spray on coatings this year and have peace of mind.

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