Hourly Fire Retardant Ratings

Posted by David Paulo on Jan 8th 2013

Flame Spread & Smoke Developed ValuesFire Retardant Coatings of Texas® FX Lumber Guard & FX Lumber Guard XT have been tested for fire performance by independent laboratories and meets model code requi … read more

Christmas Tree Fire

Posted by David Paulo on Dec 8th 2012

A Fresh Cut Christmas Tree. The aroma of Christmas time, homemade baked apple pie, ginger bread cookies, turkey roasting in the oven; great feeling of Christmas is in the air. The family will be over … read more

Christmas Tree Requirements

Posted by David Paulo on Nov 28th 2012

Here is some information for Christmas Tree requirements in your City or State.FIRE RETARDANT PROCESSING FOR CHRISTMAS TREESBY YOUR STATES REQUIRERMENTSThe attached notice shall be posted near the sal … read more


Posted by David Paulo on Apr 20th 2012

FIRES, Help prevent them, PLEASE take preventative measurements NOW !!!!!August 2001Uncleared Brush May Have Stoked FireMany homes near San Clemente blaze lacked buffer zone between structures and veg … read more

New Home Buyers: Fire Retardant

Posted by Art Gibb on Mar 10th 2012

Fire can quickly consume a home and burn it to the ground. Moments after a fire starts an entire room can become engulfed in smoke as the flames spread and burn everything in the path of the fire. In … read more