Glulam's & OSB

Posted by David Paulo on Dec 4th 2011

Did you know that you can treat Glulam's and OSB with our FX Lumber Guard Fire Retardant coating? It is a spray on application that is odorless, colorless and most importantly, it is non toxic. 

FX Lumber Guard does have a class A rating for interior use and after treating you can paint over the object you applied our coating to. Examples of uses for FX Lumber Guard with Glulam's and OSB would be, the attic side of OSB roof decks and inside storage buildings. Did you know that T1-11 siding can also be coated with our fire retardant coating in the same manner as OSB. There are many other uses for OSB, T1-11 siding and Glulam's using our FX Lumber Guard.

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