Christmas Tree Fire

Posted by David Paulo on Dec 8th 2012

A Fresh Cut Christmas Tree. The aroma of Christmas time, homemade baked apple pie, ginger bread cookies, turkey roasting in the oven; great feeling of Christmas is in the air. The family will be over for dinner and you have so much to do and no time to do it all. Sound familiar? It happens to all of us at Christmas time. You climb into bed, very exhausted, with the thought that you forgot to do something.

It’s about 1am you get woken up from a deep sleep, you smell something and it’s not the turkey. It’s smoke and you run through the house to see what’s wrong. The living room is engulfed in fire. The Christmas tree caught fire. You wonder if you forgot to check the water in the base. It could be bad tree lights, sparks from the fire place, space heater to close to the tree or it could be any number of things. You race against time to get your family and your pets to safety.

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