Spray-On Fire Retardant

FRC Texas is your go-to manufacturer and distributor for spray-on fire retardant. We provide top of the line protection against combustibility and flame spread to help you keep your offices safe and secure.

Our sprays and coatings will help protect most materials in your place of business that have a material base of:

  • Lumber

  • Fabric

  • Paper

  • Paint

Our items are fully stocked and can be purchased directly on our website! Get your spray-on fire retardant easily here and have it shipped within 48 hours.

Protect even the most delicate of things!

It is always essential to have a structure built with flame retardant materials to ensure your building will withstand flame spread and also to provide a safety net should a fire occur. But what about all the little things inside your office that can catch on fire or combust during the pressure of heat?

Use our Paper Guard, a spray-on fire retardant, on any paper products that are able to absorb liquids. Some essential paper products frequently found in businesses are paper faced insulation, lampshades, cardboard, unfinished drywall, and paper curtains. By using our spray-on fire retardant, you can protect your valuables.

Use our products today!

Be smart before it’s too late;  protect your investment using FRC Texas products. Our flame retardant coatings and spray-on fire retardant are odorless, non-toxic, and environment safe. For more specs, call our offices at 817-710-5233.