Paper Guard

FX Paper Guard creates a invisible protective barrier, once activated FX Paper Guard fire retardant won't allow ignition or combustion of treated material. Fire Retardancy is indefinite if protected from liquids and prolonged exposure (7-10 days) to humidity's over 90%, FX Paper Guard is a water based fire retardant coating that doesn't require any special tools or equipment to apply it, most glues and adhesives are compatible with FX Paper Guard and all of our other fire retardant products.

Protect your valuables with FX Paper Guard fire retardant spray: used for paper faced insulation, arts & crafts, lamp shades, cardboard (file boxes, panels, inserts), drywall (unfinished), paper blinds, wall coverings, posters and many other paper products that can absorb a liquid based product,
FX Paper Guard can treat it.

Used by Schools, Day Care Centers, Arts & Craft Shows, Production Studios, Painters, Art Studios, Banquet Events, Exhibits, Museums, Contractors, and much more. FX Paper Guard is transparent, odorless, non-toxic, non-hazardous and environment safe.

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