Flame Retardant Paint

One of the many products that FRC Texas carries and distributes is our flame retardant paint. Our fire retardant paint, FX Paint Guard, is a Class A rated thermal barrier product that meets all standard building codes and fire codes in the majority of the cities in the United States. This product can be applied to a multitude of items including, but not limited to:

  • Lumber

  • Particle board

  • Drywall

  • Metal framing studs

  • Hardwood flooring

When using the flame retardant paint from FRC Texas, be sure to avoid wax based products as this is not compatible with it.

Protect more than the paint on your walls!

We encourage businesses to think hard about protecting their investment by using various flame retardant coatings on their assets. Not only do we carry our flame retardant paint, but also many other flame retardant coatings and sprays for your commercial use.

For example, to protect your paper products from ignition or combustion, choose our FX Paper Guard. This product is used consistently by schools, daycares, art exhibits, banquet halls, and more. Any paper product that can absorb a liquid based product can be treated with our paper guard!

Get a great product today!

Ordering our flame retardant paint product is easy through our online store! All of our products are environmentally safe for plants, animals, and children. For further product information from FRC Texas, contact us by calling 817-710-5233 or using our online form!