Fire treated wood

FRC Texas provides flame retardant coatings and sprays so that your structure can be built with fire treated wood. Save your building for combustibility by using these products directly on any wood use to build or reinforce your structure.

Our FX Flame Guard is a product that is applied directly to the lumber that turns it into fire treated wood. Our product can be used on interior or exterior wood, lumber, plywood, and timbers.  Use our product as a wood sealer that can then be painted over or as a top coat to your stained lumber. Either way, our FX Flame Guard is sure to create a top-notch fire treated wood!

So many products to protect your business!

While building  and reinforcing your structure with fire treated wood is a major benefit to preventing the spread of flames, you can protect other parts of your business as well. FRC Texas has a full line of products designed to do just that. For interior uses, check out our:

  • Fabric guard

  • Paper guard

  • Paint guard

When you are decorating your offices for the holidays or including greenery for decorative appeal, consider protecting them and creating a fire treated wood with our FX Tree Guard product!

Get your eco-friendly products now!

FRC Texas produces products that are environmentally friendly! Your fire treated wood is safe for children, pets, and plants, and is also non-toxic and chlorine free. Call FRC Texas today at 817-710-5233 to get your flame retardant products or contact us using our online form.