Flame Guard

Fire Retardant / Flame Retardant Coating for wood, lumber, plywood and timbers for interior or exterior, it can also be used as a wood sealer and then painted over or use it as a top coat or finish coat over pre painted or pre stained wood, lumber, plywood or timbers.

PBDE free, Chlorine free, non corrosive, non halogenated, non toxic, environmentally safe polymer based resin (insoluble when dry) and also has a UV inhibitor and mold inhibitor.

Inhibits treated material from igniting by creating a protective intumescent barrier between the fire or heat source and the treated material, once a heat source is present then the fire retardant coatings reacts with the heat, the protective barrier will start to intumesce and protect the treated material from igniting.

FX FlameGuard  is a Natural UV Inhibitor and Mold Inhibitor.

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