Fire Treated Plywood

Taking preventative action by spraying or coating your fabrics, lumber, wood, paint, and more is important. FRC Texas’s coatings and sprays will help you create protect your assets by creating a fire treated plywood to help protect your assets. Our products are shipped across the United States and Canada and have passed standard building and fire codes.

FRC Texas is a mass manufacturer and distributor of some of the best flame resistant sprays and coatings that can help you create fire treated plywood. Find out what products are best for your place of business by contacting FRC Texas through our online form.

Use the right treatments!

FRC Texas provides two products ideal for creating a fire treated plywood: FX Lumber Guard and Lumber Guard XT. FX Lumber Guard is our flame retardant spray that applies a barrier that will protect the treated material from an extreme heat source.

The Lumber Guard XT is a similar coating, however, it is used to create exterior fire treated plywood. These types of woods, such as White Wood and Pine, are not rot resistant, so retreating and maintaining the lumber is necessary.

Both of FRC Texas's FX Lumber Guard and Lumber Guard XT create a barrier that is heat activated, providing protection from combustion of the fire treated plywood.

Get your fire resistant plywood now!

Take control with FRC Texas, and be prepared by having fire treated plywood in and around your business!  Contact FRC Texas today at 817-710-5233 to place your order or talk to one of our sales associates!