Fire Retardant Wood

FRC Texas provides the tools necessary to create fire retardant wood with our fire retardant coatings and sprays. Protect your building from going up in flames by using FRC Texas' products on your materials both inside and outside of your building.

Our FX Flame Guard can be applied straight on the lumber to create a fire retardant wood. You can use our flame guard on interior or exterior lumber or plywood.  Our product can be applied two different ways; you can apply the fire retardant wood sealer and then paint over it, or use the product as a top coat on your pre-stained lumber.

We cover more than just lumber!

We do not just supply coatings that create fire retardant wood. FRC Texas helps protect every aspect of your property.  FRC Texas manufactures and distributes just what your business needs! For interior uses, check out our:

  • Paint guard

  • Fabric guard

  • Paper guard

Another great product we have is our FX Tree Guard! Use this on the greenery in your offices and prevent them from combusting during a fire! When the holidays roll around, make sure that the trunk on the tree has a fire retardant wood coating!

Use top of the line products!

FRC Texas has top quality, eco-friendly products for your business ! With our products, your fire retardant wood will be non-toxic and chlorine free as well. Call FRC Texas at 817-710-5233 to get your products now, or contact us using our online form.