Fire Retardant Spray for Wood

FRC Texas produces a fire retardant spray for wood that is one of the best in the flame retardant industry. e. Our products have some of the highest ratings, and our company is top ranked in customer service. Features  of FRC Texass fire retardant spray for wood include:

  • Non-toxic and environmentally safe

  • Insoluble when dry

  • Chlorine free

  • Easy application

  • Soap & water clean up

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Protect every surface of your business!

Our FX Tree Guard is a top choice for your fire retardant spray for natural wood, such as indoor trees and plants. Our tree guard prevents combustion by creating a barrier in just one application. Our FX Lumber Guard is a fire retardant spray for wood, used primarily on unfinished lumber, pine, cedar, redwood, and other OSB species.

Along with fire retardant sprays, FRC Texas is a mass manufacturer and distributor of fire resistant coatings for wood, lumber, trees, paint, and more. FRC Texas has products that also prevent fires for fabric, paper, and paint that are both sprays and coatings. Our company helps keep your business safe by providing fire retardants that can be used on almost every surface. When it comes to fires, you can never be too safe!

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You can order our fire retardant spray for wood directly from our website. For more information on FRC Texas flame resistant products, give us a call at 817-710-5233.