Fire Retardant Spray for Fabrics

FRC Texas is a leading manufacturer and distributor of fire retardant spray for fabrics, as well as flame retardant coatings for many other materials. Our fabric guard is designed to be used on natural fibers to reduce the flammability of the fabric. So many fabrics exist in our homes and in corporate establishments that need to be properly treated in the event that a fire should occur.

Some of the most common fabrics that our fabric guard can treat are:

  • Drapes

  • Banners

  • Flags

  • Wall Coverings

  • Paintings

During a fire, our fire retardant spray for fabrics reacts with the gases and tars in the fabric, converts these to carbon char, and extinguishes the flame or fire before it can spread further.

Multiple guards for multiple uses

FRC Texas has an entire line of flame retardant products outside of our fire retardant spray for fabrics that is guaranteed to provide added protection to your business! Our FX Paper Guard protects your treated materials from combustion or ignition and can be used on most paper based products such as lamp shades, arts and crafts supplies, cardboard, wall coverings, and almost any paper product that can absorb a liquid based product.

We also have products that protect your paint and lumber too!

Get your products direct today!

The advantages to using FRC Texas as your fire retardant spray for fabrics is endless! Aside from being environmentally friendly and easy to apply, you can get all your questions answered about our products by simply calling us at 817-710-5233.