Fire Retardant Plywood

Fire Retardant Coatings of Texas (FRC Texas) provides fire retardant plywood through our flame guard product. This fire retardant coating can be used to treat wood, lumber, plywood, and timbers for both the interior and exterior of your building project. By applying this flame guard directly to the building material, you create a fire retardant plywood or lumber.

Flame guard can be applied in two different ways to create your fire retardant plywood. You can apply the coating directly to the wood as a sealer and then paint over it ,or apply as a top coat over pre-stained or pre-painted lumber.

Being fire retardant is just the start!

Aside from creating a fire retardant plywood, FRC Texas flame guard is also eco-friendly! The coating is PBDE free, chlorine free, non toxic, and non corrosive. The flame guard is also a UV and mold inhibitor which protects the wood from the elements! You can order your flame guard today direct from our site!

Not only do  we help protect your building materials by creating fire retardant plywood, but also have an entire line of products designed to create fire retardant coatings. Check out our fabric guard, paint guard, or paper guard, and protect your business from going up in flames!

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Safety is our company's number one concern! By using our products to create fire retardant plywood, lumber, and more, you are protecting your business from hazards. To find out more on our flame retardant products, contact us by calling 817-710-5233 or using our online contact form.