Fire Retardant Coatings for Wood

FRC Texas has many products designed specifically to be used as fire retardant coatings for wood. We are a top manufacturer and distributor of flame retardant substances that help you protect your home and business from combustibility and flame spread.

Two of our top products used to protect the wood in your home and business are our Flame Guard and our FX Lumber Guard. Both of these products can be ordered directly from our online store. Our shipping policies across the United States include 1 to 4 day ground shipping. Our shipments are sent same to next day!

Our wood products are top of the line!

People turn to FRC Texas for fire retardant coatings for wood because of our outstanding quality. Our products are environmentally safe and non-toxic. They are easy to apply and safe to be around children, animals, and plants. More advantages to FRC Texas products are:

  • Low emitting VOCs

  • Soap & water cleanup

  • Rolled, brushed, or sprayed application

  • Interior & exterior uses

  • Insoluble when dry

FRC Texas’ FX Lumber Guard is one of the best fire retardant coatings for wood on the market today! By applying this to your lumber, a barrier is created that protects the treated material from igniting. This product is water based, so treated areas are protected indefinitely if protected from high humidity areas.

Get your products today!

Almost every structure has some sort of lumber or plywood. Keep your buildings and homes safe by using FRC Texas’ fire retardant coatings for wood. Call us today at 817-710-5233 for further product information.