Fire Retardant Coating

FRC Texas is a top rated manufacturer and distributor of fire retardant coating products. Our location in Haslet, TX is fully stocked with all of our fire retardant coatings and flame retardant sprays. We are ready to ship within a day or two any products your business needs!

Being fire conscious is important and knowing how to protect your investments even more so. Our video shows the difference it makes when you apply a fire retardant coating to a material's surface versus nothing at all. For more information regarding the importance of fire retardant treatments you can contact us using our online form.

Don't mess with flames!

It is better to be safe than sorry, and protecting your business is our number one priority! Use our FX Flame Guard as your fire retardant coating to help protect the spread of flames should a fire happen. You can use flame guard directly on wood, lumber, timber, and plywood. Since the product is chlorine free, non toxic, non halogenated, and PBDE free, it can be used to treat both interior and exterior surfaces.

You can use your fire retardant coating as a top coat over a painted surface or as a wood sealer and then paint over that. Both ways effectively stop the spread of flames.  

Order yours today!

FRC Texas has an entire line of flame retardant products for your corporate offices. Applying a fire retardant coating to wood, paper, fabric, or paint will have your building prepared for any accidents should they occur. For further information regarding our products call us at 817-710-5233.