Fire Resistant Spray

FRC Texas has a fire resistant spray to help protect your fabrics and paper products in the workplace and at home. Protecting your investment is vital, and preparing for situations is key to making sure your business thrives. FRC Texas helps you prevent against fire in the workplace by providing flame retardant coatings and fire resistant sprays for all the materials in your office.

Our products can be used on multiple surfaces, such as:

  • Paper

  • Fabric

  • Wood

  • Paint

FRC Texas makes specific products for each area of concern, designed to create a barrier and reduce the spread of flames.

Being prepared is key!

FRC Texas manufactures and distributes flame resistant sprays to make sure your business is prepared for emergencies. Our Fabric Guard is designed to reduce a fabrics flammability and make it non-combustible, should a fire occur. You can use our Fabric Guard on natural fibers, such as cotton, canvas, and muslin.

Be prepared for your paper products in schools and daycares by using our Paper Guard! This fire resistant spray can be used on any paper product that can absorb a liquid based product. Keep your supply rooms and storage rooms from becoming a fire hazard!

Feel safe and secure!

FRC Texas continues to provide top rated fire resistant spray that is safe for both the environment and people. Our products are all non-toxic, non-hazardous, and odorless! Order your flame protection from FRC Texas today by calling us at 817-710-5233 or using our online contact form.