Fire Resistant Plywood

Use a flame retardant coating or spray from FRC Texas to turn your plywood into a fire resistant plywood. It is better to act now before it’s too late. By taking preventative measures, like using flameproof sprays and coatings, you can eliminate the unnecessary worries that come from being unprepared against an unfortunate fire related accident.

FRC Texas manufactures and distributes some of the best flame retardant products in the industry that can help produce a fire resistant plywood that is tough and non-combustible. To find out more about our products, you can contact FRC Texas directly through our online contact form.

Flame Guard and Lumber Guard

FRC Texas has two products that are perfect for creating a fire resistant plywood for your business! Our FX Lumber Guard is a spray that creates a barrier between the heat source and the treated material. When the treated material is subjected to extreme heat, the barrier is activated and prevents combustion. Our Lumber Guard XT is a fire resistant coating for exterior plywood and species of wood such as Pine, Douglas Fir, and White Wood that are not rot resistant.

Our FX Lumber guard and Lumber Guard XT, along with all of our other products, are odor free, non-toxic, transparent, stainable, paintable, and environmentally friendly.

Get your fire resistant plywood now!

It is easy to control flame spread and combustibility when you treat your building materials with FRC Texas's products to make them fire resistant plywood. Place your order today by calling us at 817-710-5233.