Fire Rated Plywood

Are you using fire rated plywood to construct your commercial building structures? FRC Texas provides an entire line of products designed specifically to protect against the quick spread of flames. Our fire retardant coatings and flame retardant sprays create a barrier that helps stop the spread of flames and saves lives and property in the process.

Our FX Lumber Guard creates a fire rated plywood that helps the treated material from going up in flames. Our product is transparent, non-toxic, odor free, and environmentally safe in multiple ways. Since our product is waterproof, the treated area will remain a fire rated plywood indefinitely as long as it is protected from high humidity and wet areas.

Get our whole line of fire resistant products!

FRC Texas provides high quality products that protect every surface of your commercial space from a disaster by flames. Whether you need fire rated plywood for building purposes, or you need us down the line as a Fabric Guard or paint protection, FRC Texas has what you need!

Our products can all be ordered directly online in quart, gallon, and 5-gallon increments. Get your fire rated plywood quickly by ordering your FX Lumber Guard here.

Let us protect your investment!

Don't lose to flames! Protect yourself and your business by investing in fire rated plywood with FRC Texas and our FX Lumber Guard. Contact us today for more information regarding our flame retardant products by calling us at 817-710-5233 or using our online form.