Fabric Fire Retardant Spray

FRC Texas has a fabric fire retardant spray to help you protect your home and business against quick flame spread. By using our spray, you can easily protect fabrics such as canvas, muslin, denim, and cotton from becoming combustible.

The fabric fire retardant spray is a topical coating that helps quickly kill the flame before it has time to spread. Our FX Fabric Guard does this by reacting with the gases and tars naturally generated by the fabrics during a fire.  For more details regarding this product or to purchase our flame retardant spray visit our product page.

Our sprays protect more than fabric!

Apart from your building's furniture, wall hangings, or other fabric products that can be treated with our fabric fire retardant spray, FRC Texas is able to help you protect your paper products from combusting with our FX Paper Guard.

Our paper fire retardant can be used on any paper product that absorbs liquid, for example:

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Arts & crafts supplies

  • Unfinished drywall

By using this spray you can prevent paper products in your workplace from ignition or combustion. The most common industries that we provide our FX Paper guard to are schools, art shows, art galleries, banquet halls, and museums.

Don't think twice!

Protect your investment today! You have everything to lose if a fire were to happen. Let FRC Texas help prevent damages with our fabric fire retardant spray. For product help or questions, give us a call at 817-710-5233.