Flame Control Coatings

Flame Control Coatings

Protect your business assets by using flame control coatings from FRC Texas. Flame Retardant Coatings of Texas, or FRC Texas, is a mass manufacturer and distributor of coatings and sprays that can be used on various materials to help protect your business and home from flame spread should a fire occur.

Our company is located in Haslet, TX and provides distribution to the continental United States as well as Canada, when requested. For more information on our shipping policies or for a request on rush shipping on your flame control coatings order, you can contact FRC Texas via our online contact form.

What we have to offer

FRC Texas has flame control coatings for almost every piece of material in your business. When it comes to protecting your employees and your products, you can never be too safe! Our flame retardant products include the following:

  • Fabric guard

  • Flame guard

  • Lumber guard or Lumber guard XT

  • Paint guard

  • Paper guard

  • Tree guard

Our flame control coatings are some of the highest quality products on the market. They have no fumes or odors to them. They are non halogenated and emit low VOCs. Also, FRC Texas products are environmentally friendly and can be used around plants, animals, and children safely.

Order yours today!

Whether you are applying your flame control coatings to lumber, fabric, or paper, we want you to be safe from the spread of flames! FRC Texas can be contacted at 817-710-5233 for any further inquiries on our flame retardant products.