FRC Texas is a leading manufacturer and distributer of fire retardant chemicals and sprays to assist you in properly fireproofing your facility. We help both the residential and commercial communities protect their investments from a potentially dangerous situation. To help you with your fireproofing, we provide specific chemical applications for:

Fireproofing your workplace or home allows you to protect against combustibility of materials. By using the sprays and coatings from FRC Texas, you are taking a proactive stance on protection and safety!

The benefits of FRC Texas

FRC Texas provides products that have benefits beyond their fireproofing abilities and come in an array of sizes to give you the best coverage possible at a great price. Our products have no fumes or odors to them and are one of the top  fire retardant brands. Other features of our fireproofing products include being environmentally friendly for children, pets, and animals; having low emitting VOCs;  being chlorine free; and being non-halogenated.

Our products are easy to apply as well. Our coatings can be rolled, brushed, or spray on. For more information regarding our fireproofing products, you can fill out our online contact form.

Get your products today!

Start fireproofing your home and business today with FRC Texas fire retardant coatings and sprays! Take action to prevent destruction from accidental fires! Contact us for further information or to order our fireproofing products at 817-710-5233. FRC Texas ensures your products are shipped quickly!