Fire Retardant Spray

Use FRC Texas for all of your flame retardant needs, including our fire retardant spray to help lower the flammability of fabrics in your environment. FRC Texas is a company that manufactures and distributes flame retardant coatings to reduce the spread of flames, should a fire occur.

Our products include our flame retardant coatings as well as our fire retardant spray, which is mainly used as a fabric guard. Our products also include lumber guard, paint guard, tree guard, and more. For further information on these products use our contact information to connect with an FRC Texas representative.

Protect your fabrics!

Our fire retardant spray product is known as FX Fabric Guard and is non-toxic, non-hazardous, and environmentally friendly. This product can be used to protect items such as curtains, draperies, tapestries, wall paper, paintings, and other fabric-like materials from quickly catching fire.

This fire retardant spray from FRC Texas will react with the gases and tars generated by the fabrics to extinguish the flame of a fire. Fabrics that FRC Texas recommends FX Fabric Guard for are:

  • Canvas

  • Muslin

  • Cotton

  • Cotton blends

  • Denim

FX Fabric Guard is one of the top fire retardant sprays and can be purchased here to protect your home and business from catching fire.

Don't risk your business!

Fire is not something to be messed with, and FRC Texas’ fire retardant spray keeps your business safe from going up in flames. Call our offices at 817-710-5233 for further inquiries.