Engineered Wood Floor Joists

Make sure you are using proper precautions to prevent the spread of flames on your engineered wood floor joists by using flame resistant coatings and sprays from FRC Texas. Flame Retardant Coatings of Texas, or FRC Texas, is a mass manufacturer and distributor of flame retardant products designed to keep your commercial and personal structures safe from the spread of flames.

We have many products designed to keep your engineered wood floor joists safe, including our lumber guard, flame guard, and paint guard. We mass-produce our products in quarts, gallons, and 5-gallons to provide you with larger quantities at a great rate! Use our contact form online to get more information on our products!

We offer great services!

FRC Texas offers shipping across the continental U.S., as well as Canada, upon request. Our products usually ship same to next day and will arrive on location within 1 to 4 business days! For special shipping options or rush orders you can contact us at 817-710-5233 for pricing.

Our fire retardants have been used for many different projects including:

  • house framing

  • porches

  • curtains

  • engineered wood floor joists

  • Christmas trees, and more

You can apply our fire retardants coatings and sprays to any form of lumber, wood, plywood or fabrics. For an application demo, check out our video!

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Call FRC Texas at 817-710-5233 for your flame retardant coatings today and protect your engineered wood floor joists from possible damages should a fire occur.