Schools and Daycares

Posted by M Mueller on Sep 28th 2016

Protect your schools and daycares by investing in environmentally safe and non-toxic flame retardant coatings and sprays from FRC Texas. By using these applicants around the building, you not only protect the building itself, but also the students, staff, and teachers as well.

FRC Texas has developed some of the top flame retardant products nationwide. Our company has Lumber Guard and Lumber Guard XT with ICC-ESR and certification, providing clear evidence of compliance with all mandatory codes and standards as determined by a professional evaluator.


How Can You Protect Your Educational Establishment?

The answer to this is simple: Take advantage of all of FRC Texas' flame retardant coatings and sprays. We provide the tools necessary to provide peace of mind and protection should a fire occur in schools and daycares.

Use Paper Guard, Tree Guard, and Fabric Guard on your interior decor and everyday materials. Paper Guard will protect any paper product that can absorb a liquid base product. Use this on arts and craft supplies, cardboard boxes or containers, lampshades, and more throughout your school. FRC Texas also provides Tree Guard that will equally protect the indoor greenery in schools and daycares as well as protect against outside wildfires. If it can protect against a natural disaster such as a wildfire, our Tree Guard has your back inside! Additionally, Fabric Guard can be used on your natural fibers which include cotton, muslin, and denim. This provides fire protection for curtains, drapes, flags, banners, and more.

 Our Flame Guard product can be used on both the interior and exterior surfaces of schools and daycares. The more surfaces you cover, the more barriers you develop to fight and protect against potential damages. FRC Texas' Paint Guard is our class A thermal rated barrier that can be used on a range of material from flooring to lumber to framing studs and drywall.

Stay On Top of School Safety

The most important thing to schools and daycares is extensive safety measures in all aspects. FRC Texas provides that added protection in the form of fireproofing. Ask what products are best for schools and daycares by contacting us at 817-710-5233.