Residential Home Builders

Posted by M Mueller on Jan 10th 2017

Ensure your clients are provided the safest structures by using the products provided by FRC Texas for your residential home building. It is crucial, as residential home builders, to construct a home that is both sound in the overall architecture as well as having reinforcements against natural disasters and accidental home disasters. FRC Texas provides flame retardant coatings and sprays that you can use during your residential home building process to help protect the structure from combustibility should a fire occur.


The Products

FRC Texas provides several products that have been fully tested and show clear evidence of product compliance and adhere to code standards, making the products Lumber Guard and Lumber Guard XT ICC-ESR and certification.

When it comes to residential home builders, we know you use various types of woods, lumbers, and plywood depending on the type of job and location of the site. Our products can be used on most types of wood and are used to enhance various aspects of the build, such as stairs, porches, and more.

Use our Lumber Guard for interior applications and Lumber Guard XT for exterior applications to help protect your building materials from combusting. FRC Texas products create a barrier that is heat activated. As soon as the coating or spray reacts with an extreme heat source, the coating extinguishes the flames before they can spread further or faster.

Protect that investment!

Residential home building is tedious and expensive. FRC Texas is here to provide the tools necessary to create a safe and secure investment for both the residential home builders and buyers. Ensure your clients that their home is protected with flame retardant capabilities by adding our products into the build. Get your flame retardant coatings today by calling FRC Texas at 817-710-5233.