One Coat Application vs Two Or More Coat Applications

Posted by David Paulo on Jul 24th 2015

Have you, or do you ever wonder why there are so many differences in the amount of Fire Retardant products you need to cover your material with? There are many companies who sell Fire Retardant Chemicals and each company is different in the amount of product coverage needed. For example, some companies tell you that you need a one coat application process and some tell you that you need 2 or more coats per application process. Have you ever wondered why this is and what the difference is between the different companies? It can be and does become quite confusing at times. I am here today to enlighten you and hopefully to help you make better informed decisions.

Each company has their own regulations in the amount of Fire Retardant Product that you need to use. That being said, I would like to give you some information to help you decide which product to use. My best suggestion is to compare the products from each company. The following are just come suggestions for you to ask the company you are contacting.

1. Testing: Check their testing and ask if they have any ISO third party certifications. What materials have other companies tested (i.e. oak, osb, syp, doug fir, glulams, etc)?

2. Toxicity: Is their product toxic? Do they have documentation to prove it isn’t?

3. Manufacturing: Ask if they are the manufacturer or just a distributor. A manufacturer has more knowledge about their product(s).

4. Availability: When can the product be shipped? Can it be shipped same to next day?

5. Spread Rate: What is the spread rate (area of coverage) of the product?

6. Customer Service: Is the company eager to help you and do they answer your questions? Do they just try to sell you their product and send you on your way? Are they there for you if you have other questions after you purchase their product?

At Fire Retardant Coatings of Texas®, LLC we value our customers and do have your best interests at heart. We have tested the safety aspect of a one coat vs two coat application process. We did discover that with our products, via our ISO Accredited Third Party testing facility, you only need a one coat application process at 300-350 sf per gallon. All of our products have a Class A rating and all of our products, evaluations and testing speak for themselves. Our customer service is highly rated by our customers, as one of the best. We also ship our products same to next day (depending on the time of day they are ordered).

What this means for you, as a customer, is our products are safe, economical, non-toxic and transparent. Where other companies require you to use two or more coats per application process that doubles or triples your cost, ours is a one coat application process, which in the long run saves you money. We have our evaluation reports, testing reports and certification reports to verify what we are saying.

For more information or to order, please contact us at 817-710-5233.