Posted by David Paulo on Apr 3rd 2013

FIRE RETARDANT COATINGS, "The WORLDS BEST" "The Best Product on the market" "The most effective on earth". O.K.! So if everyone has the BEST ON EARTH, How does a customer decide which one to buy????? Some things that you can look for are: customer service, customer support and product testing. Also look for videos that shows how the product is applied and how it works. There are numerous other things to look for. Let's take a look at what I just spoke about.

Customer Service: Does the company you want to purchase your Fire Retardant from actually take the time to explain things to you or do they make you feel like they don't have the time of day for you? Do they answer your questions knowledgeably? Do they help you to feel like you can apply the product? Do they just try to sell you a product (or more of a product) that you don't need?

Customer Support: Let's say that you have purchased a product and you now have questions regarding said product(s) and call the company you purchased it from. Does the company you purchased the product from seem happy to help answer your questions or do they make you feel like you are a waste of their time. Does the company do everything in their power to answer your question(s) or concerns?

Product Testing: Does the company that you want to purchase a product from have current and/or up to date testing on their product or is their testing incomplete and out of date? We have actually seen other companies testing that dates back to 20+ years which is severely outdated. This is outdated because just like any product, the industry and standards change and what may have been ok 20+ years ago, may not be today. You can try to call the testing facility to inquire of their testing is accurate and up to date or if it's a legitimate test. We have actually seen testing reports that a company stated was accurate but yet the testing facility had no record of any tests by this company. You will also want to find out from the company(s) if their product is a certified product. Again, check the certification process. Unfortunately, in this day and age, the old adage remains, LET THE BUYER BEWARE!

Videos: Does the company you want to purchase a fire retardant chemical from, offer videos on the application process and do they show you how their product works?

At Fire Retardant Coatings of Texas®,LLC, we take our customers safety, their needs, their concerns very seriously and we make sure they are satisfied. We don't brush off our customers and sell them a product they don't really need. We don't ignore our customers or their concerns. We do back up our products with current testing, videos, customer service and customer support.

Fire Retardant Coatings of Texas®,LLC has one of the most effective fire retardant coatings in the industry. Our products are proven (by our testing reports and certifications) to reduce the fire danger. Our products also tested lower than most other products on the market. FRCT's fire retardants are one of the most searched for on the internet. Don't take our word for it but rather, do a search for Fire Retardant Coatings of Texas®,LLC on the internet and you'll see the results. We are ranked as one of the top Fire Retardant Coatings Manufacturers in the industry.

Fire Retardant Coatings of Texas®,LLC has 20+ years of experience with fire retardant treated lumber and plywood, along with fire retardant chemicals.

At Fire Retardant Coatings of Texas®,LLC, our customer service is unmatched in satisfaction, service and quality. We ship our fire retardant coatings anywhere in the United States & Canada, with same day shipping in most cases. FRCT's fire retardant coatings exceeds the standards set by the NFPA & ASTM. All reputable fire retardant coatings are the same, in that "THEY SAVE LIVES & PROPERTY". Some are rated better than others, some are paints, some are for steel, wood and others for fabric. FRCT has been rated top in Customer Service "if we don't have a product for your project, we'll help you find it, even if that means us giving you one of our competitors contact information". Visit our site and look around and let us know what you think,

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