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Interior Fire Retardant for Lumber & Plywood - Quart

3.00 LBS
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    Formulated Class A fire retardant wood treatment for interior lumber and plywood, the following species have certified testing; SYP, SPF, Doug Fir and Hem Fir lumber and SYP plywood. Birch, Poplar, Cedar, Oak, OSB, MDF, Red Wood, Walnut, Cypress, Lauan and other similar species are treatable for FX Lumber Guard. Ideas of projects / materials that can be treated are I-Joist, Re-Claimed Woods, Molding/Trim, Doors, Wood Framing, Wooden Furniture and similar projects. FX Lumber Guard is tested beyond the standard requirements of fire retardant wood treatments. Documented to reduce the level of fire danger lower than other products currently on the market today

    FX LumberGuard will not change the characteristics of wood, lumber or plywood, treating lumber and plywood is economical and environmentally safe, and also some insurance companies have been known to approve the use of our products to pass their requirements for insurance renewal. 

    FX LumberGuard prevents treated materials from sustaining combustion by penetrating the surface and becoming part of its molecular structure, a protective barrier is created to protect the treated material from igniting. When the material is subjected to a heat source (flames, sparks or embers) the protective barrier is activated, the barrier prevents combustion of the treated material. FX Lumber Guard meets ASTM, NFPA, ULC, UL and UBC standards.  

    FX Lumber Guard is transparent, odor free, non-toxic (documented), non-corrosive, non-halogenated, stainable, paintable, environment safe, Chlorine free, Non PBDE’s and Non Bromated Products and the lowest VOC count in the industry (tested). 

    The fire retardancy of treated wood, lumber or plywood will be indefinite if protected from wet locations and high humidity. 

    Product Documentation Downloads

     msds tdstech-data-osb.png astme84psls.png astme84ijoist.png canulcs102spf.png astme110fl.png astme119ijoist.png astmd2369.png2768-osb.png2768-plywood.png2768-lumber.png


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    1. Great response time

      Great products, fast and helpful sales/processing staff. on Feb 15th 2018

    2. Seems to be a great product...

      I'm excited about this product. I was looking for fire protection for plywood, and this seems a perfect fit. Application went smoothly and there were no surprises with coverage, MSDS issues, etc. Shipment arrived as expected.

      I do not plan to verify effectiveness of this treatment - hoping I never find out.
      on Feb 1st 2018

    3. Great Product, Great Service

      While I have not had the occasion to light my project on fire, I did test the retardant before applying. Works great. It did not significantly discolor my lumber and was reasonably priced.
      I appreciated the quick delivery and inclusion of the material data sheets. I was also pleasantly surprised that the bottle came with the applicator spray top.
      on Jan 30th 2018

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    Fire Retardant for Wood

    Fire Retardant for Southern Yellow Pine, SPF, Hemlock Fir and Douglas Fir Lumber and Plywood. Listing Certification, FX Lumber Guard can also be applied to OSB, MDF, I-Joist, Glulams and PSL's. Our fire retardant coating was tested and documented to reduce the dangers of fire more effectively than most other products on the market. FX Lumber Guard's values are what puts it above other products on the market, with its Non Toxic, Non Hazardous, Environment Safe values and easy application our customers can have peace mind. FX Lumber Guard can be painted over, stained over or just left alone to show the natural look of the material treated. Feel free to contact us for more information at 817-710-5233 or visit us at we look forward to hearing from you.
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