Flame Retardant for Wood

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3.00 LBS

Please call our office to purchase this item @ 817-710-5233 Monday-Friday 7am - 5pm.




Please call our office to purchase this item @ 817-710-5233 Monday-Friday 7am - 5pm.

Formulated Class A fire retardant wood treatment for interior or some exterior treatments, it can be used as a wood over coat and then painted over or use it as a top coat or finish coat over pre painted (latex) or pre stained (non-sealer stain) wood, lumber, plywood or timbers.

FX Flame Guard can be applied to lumber, plywood, I-JOISTS, OSB, MDF, polystyrene form (closed cell form), particle board, corrugated board, wall coverings,wicker, rattan, bamboo, Tiki huts, thatching and much more, some projects that it has been used on are Mantels, cabinets, book cases, painted walls in haunted houses, timbers and other porous or non-porous materials.

PBDE free, Chlorine free , non-toxic, environmentally safe polymer based resin (insoluble when dry) and also has natural UV inhibitor and mold inhibitor.

Can be brushed on, rolled on or sprayed on with a pump up sprayer at a rate of 350-375 sq. ft. per gallon, requires no special cutting tools or fasteners. In most situations no retreating will be required.

FX Flame Guard Inhibits treated material from igniting by creating a protective intumescent type barrier between the fire or heat source and the treated material, once a heat source is present then the fire retardant coating reacts with the heat, the protective barrier will start to intumesce and protect the treated material from igniting.

FX FlameGuard may be used in Hospitals, Day Care Centers, Fireworks Booths, Haunted Houses, Schools, Garages, Welding Shops, Malls, Hotels/Motels and Multi Family Dwellings anywhere that fire safety codes are required.

FX FlameGuard is a Natural UV Inhibitor and Mold Inhibitor.

WARNING: Must be applied with very adequate ventilation


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    Posted by Joe Lanza on Dec 8th 2020

    Excellent product. Phenomenal customer service.

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    Works well.

    Posted by Mark Rogers on Nov 6th 2019

    Easy to apply.